Arcto Spice Container + Knife
Swiss Made

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Special Offer

Get the spice container Arcto plus the red cutlery knife Hippus.

Our travel spice container Arcto just opens with a “Click”. Salt doesn’t clump. If coarser herbs and spices are desired, you can easily remove the inserts. Opening in your luggage is practically impossible due to a patented closing-mechanism.

Ideal for on the road as well as stylish at home. Above all it is high quality product which is crafted with traditional Swiss precision. Fourteen individual parts are assembled manually.

Furthermore we add Alpine salt and pepper to the spice container. In fact our salt is being sourced in Switzerland. When the sea retreated from Switzerland two hundred million years ago it left behind a valuable gift: Salt. The salt was then embedded in the rocks of the Swiss Alps. Of course extracted with care for you to enjoy.

The red knife Hippus is retractable and with 14g extremely light. The special hollow cut made in Solingen (Germany) keeps the blade sharp for a long time.

Both, spice shaker and knife, are truly perfect companions for a picnic.

Dishwasher safe.

Additional Information

Name: Arcto (spice shaker)
Measures: 67 x 20 x 67mm
Weight without Filling: 45g
Material: PCTG Copolyester, stainless spring steel
Plastic Properties: Durable, BPA free, food-safe, recyclable
Origin Container: Switerland
Origin Alpine Salt: Switzerland
Origin Pepper: South East Asia

Name: Hippus Knife (cutlery knife)
Measures (handle): 95 x 18 x 6.5mm
Weight: 14g
Material: PCTG Copolyester, stainless  steel
Plastic Properties: Durable, BPA-free, food-safe, recyclable
Origin Knife Body: Switzerland
Origin Blade: Germany