Thyla BBQ Tongs
Swiss Made


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Multipurpose BBQ Tongs

What makes the BBQ tongs so special is the amazingly simple construction. They are easily plugged together and therefore space-saving, whether at home or in the backpack. That makes them ideal for barbecues at the lake or wherever the favorite spot is located.

Thyla tongs are primarily used for BBQ’s and can also be plugged together in the middle to construct a trivet. Because of its design the tongs are very well suited as salad servers.

The slot in the front can be used for more bending in the front if needed.

Additional Information

Measures: 251 x 26mm
Weight: 78g
Material Thickness: 1mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: Switzerland
Design: Andrea Manchen

Name Derivation

Thyla derived from Thylacoleo Carnifex. The pouch lion was the biggest animal of its kind. It lived about 2 million years ago.

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