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The love to nature is our most important value, which is why we manufacture sustainable, mainly in Switzerland. Every year, we use 1% of our sales to protect the environment.

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Natural Tableware

We offer different products which are made of 100 % natural materials as well as renewable resources. One of our favourite material in this segment is bamboo. Bamboo is an easy-to-grow material that requires zero chemicals and pesticides. Besides this we use natural rubber, coconut shells, organic cotton and organic beeswax from Switzerland. All these materials are compostable.

See the specific product description for a detailed material list.

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Plastic Free Packaging

A sustainable packaging is as important as the product itself. Resource efficient and with a reduced design we place importance to avoid plastics. It is either a display packaging (pin packs), a box or a cotton bag. We use water-based printing on FSC® & PEFC certified cardboard as well as 100% recycled paper (EU). Moreover, we use natural rubber and paper wrapped wire. Our displays are made of wood and brass.

We are member of Zerowaste Switzerland.

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Your Corporate Gift

Swiss Advance products are an ideal corporate gifts for companies that want to value their costumers by giving out Christmas or customised premium gifts. Any business gift you send reflects on the image of your company. Avoid lower quality gifts that can impair your image. Purchase quality products without breaking your budget.

Our products can be printed or engraved with your own logo or name. For a minimum order and an individual consultation, please contact us.

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