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Apple Vinegar from Scraps

How to avoid food waste

The last days a made o lot of applesauce and dried apple rings. In the end had this massive amound of scraps. It seems wrong to me to just compost it. Some of the peels i dried as well for tea but the rest of it was still a lot. I decided to make apple vinegar. I use it a lot for cleaning and so far I couldn’t find a product which comes in a glass bottle. So what a great idea? I can make a great vinegar to prevent food waste and a lot of plastic bottles the vinegar normally comes in.

I put the scraps into a big jar, added water (about 3 litre) and 100 g sugar. The sugar speeds up the fermentation. The vinegar needs to breath so you better seal the jar with a clean cloth. After four to six weeks your vinegar should be ready.