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criterion swiss advance

Swiss Advance at Criterion design market in Zurich


It is a showcase for creators who go their own way with a passionate commitment to the development of new ideas and products, resulting in the creation of solutions for a future with a future. Being part of it felt great and we had a lot of fun during these days. We met so much nice people and made new friends. It took place in Zurich from the 5th to 8th of April. We are looking forward to next year.

Peter engaged in presenting Swiss Advance products and brand positioning to a friendly yet mindful audience. Thank you Criterion for the great and interactive platform to showcase our functional, sustainable and lightweight outdoor kitchen equipment. Our customers donate 250 CHF to Schweizer Berghilfe by buying Herbolux BBQ spices from Swiss Advance.

Thanks to our partners, we care for you: Criterion, Fabrikat, Changemaker, Swissmade, Tisch Bank Stuhl, Berg und Tal, Wilde 13, NZZ am Sonntag, Klötzklimesser, SRF, Radio SRF 1, Lemonaid, Schweizer Heimatwerk, Horl 1993, Transhelvetica, Ballenberg Freilichtmuseum

land rover display urs and peter at criterion peter at criterion zurich peter and customers at criterionArcto shaker at criterion bamboo products at criterion schweizer berghilfe


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Apple Vinegar from Scraps

apple vinegar

How to avoid food waste

The last days a made o lot of applesauce and dried apple rings. In the end had this massive amound of scraps. It seems wrong to me to just compost it. Some of the peels i dried as well for tea but the rest of it was still a lot. I decided to make apple vinegar. I use it a lot for cleaning and so far I couldn’t find a product which comes in a glass bottle. So what a great idea? I can make a great vinegar to prevent food waste and a lot of plastic bottles the vinegar normally comes in.

I put the scraps into a big jar, added water (about 3 litre) and 100 g sugar. The sugar speeds up the fermentation. The vinegar needs to breath so you better seal the jar with a clean cloth. After four to six weeks your vinegar should be ready.

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We have a new Team Member – Urs Egli

urs egli engelberg

Urs Egli joins our Team as Managing Director

Urs Egli has 20 years of professional experience. He worked at global brands such as Mammut (Switzerland), Vaude (Germany), Oakley (United States of America) and Kjus (Switzerland). After finishing his Executive Master in Business Administration at the Management School of Maastricht (Netherlands), he now joins the Swiss Advance team as a Managing Director. He is excited to lead the brand into the next, sustainable growth phase with the existing team.

His love for nature and mountains made him living in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Engelberg. Here he can live his passion for sports. Like skiing, climbing, mountain biking and mountaineering in a sustainable way and with his long-time friends and new once. As a member of a kitchen club, he can fully embrace the brand values for healthy food and cooking outdoors.