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Cradle 2 Cradle

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Cradle 2 cradle is a sustainable concept for design and production. What is it all about? It is a play from the popular phrase cradle to grave, which is actually the way the most produced products will probably going to take: Produced, used, wasted. The result of this way of consuming is running out of resources, which are of course endless.

The focus of this concept is on the material. Materials are considered as nutrients and essential elements of a cycle like the cycle of nature.

EPEA is a Swiss Company which focuses on certificate products that fulfill these standards. Our products aren’t certificated. But in my opinion all products should be produced sustainable. It should be easy to recycle all single elements of an object if necessary. If you are curious about this topic check out EPEA’s website

You will find a lot of valuable information. In September the 23th there is a workshop at Hub Zurich. It is called “Cradle to Cradle Design Workshop” guided by expert Albin Kälin. I’m super excited and looking forward to it.

By the way: We have a spare ticket. Who wants to join me? Send me a mail to

See you there!

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