peter meyer

Founder Peter Meyer

My Dream is to bring People closer to Nature in a sustainable Way

Peter Meyer started his company Swiss Advance more than 10 years ago and is to this day actively involved as the Managing Director/C EO and full time adventurer, outdoor enthusiast and traveler.

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, he directly lived along the Rhine and grew up with nature surrounding and embracing him. At first he started a career as a printer and worked in this profession a couple of years with great pleasure in Lausanne.

He then worked in his fathers company, where he made his first experiences with product development. This is where he developed his great sense for design and practicability and thought there must be a way to combine his passion and love for nature with his newly found skills and hobby.

His enthusiasm as a paragliding pilot brought him to some of the remotest places in the world and offered him the opportunity to work as a test pilot for paragliders for many years. He still loves tandem-paragliding and regularly flies with friends. The freedom he experiences when he flies hundreds of meters above the ground helped him keeping his inner child alive and feeds his curiosity which makes him come up with new ideas and products all the time he hits ground. His other hobbies include free diving, and traveling.

In January he is often in Norway to free dive with orcas and humpback whales. He speaks with the with the greatest of respect about these intelligent and peaceful creatures. He experienced incredible moments with them underwater. “Any description of these experiences would be ridiculous. You have to experience it by yourself.” – He reveals.