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Technical Specification and Certificates

BODY MATERIAL Arcto Spice Container/Hippus Cutlery
TECHNICAL DETAILS Travel Spice Container
IFS CERTIFICATE Black Pepper (German)
SQS CERTIFICATE Black Pepper (German)
ANALYSIS of the Glue for Bamboo Products


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Distributors and Shops

See in the following our distributors and shops:
UNIQUE musthave products GmbH Switzerland, distributor
Relags Germany, distributor
Factio Austria, distributor
Sport Hansa USA, distributor
Katadyn France, distributor
Caravan Camp Korea, distributor
Thunder Sports Co. Japan, distributor

Boutique Danoise Basel/ Switzerland, Shop
FOIFI – ZeroWaste Ladencafé Zurich/ Switzerland, Shop
Berg und Tal Zurich/ Switzerland, Shop
Mammut Store Zurich/ Switzerland, Shop
Transa Zurich/ Switzerland, Shop
Patagonia Interlaken/ Switzerland, Shop
Purpur Interlaken/ Switzerland, Shop
Globetrotter Germany, Shop
NordOst92 Berlin/ Germany, Shop

Bergfreunde Germany, Online Shop
Transa Switzerland, Online Shop
Schweiz Shop Germany, Online Shop

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