packaging bento box

The Product Packaging

We work on plastic free Packagings

A sustainable packaging is as important as the product itself. Resource efficient and with a reduced design we place importance to avoid plastics. It is either a display packaging (pin packs), a box or a cotton bag. The display is made of 600 g/m² chromo board and the box of 350 g/m². The cardboard we use is made from recycled material.

The box is used for the Arto Spice Shaker. The natural cotton bag is used for the MONO bowls, the tongs THYLA and SAIGA as well as for the Bamboo Bento Box Phora. Everything else comes with the display packaging. Moreover many of them are additionally embellished with a hang tag. Completely new are the combinations of Arcto + Hippus Knife,
Doro + Hippus Knife and the set of two Doro.

Moreover we have two stand displays in our product range, a smaller and a big one. They are made out of antique pinewood bars, which come from dismantled chalets from the Bernese Oberland, and this way they find a new use. The wooden beams are partly more than 100 years old.