PHORA Bamboo Bento Box S

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Sustainable. Beautiful snack box or even soap tray from renewable resources. Handmade by a family-owned company in Vietnam.

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Going Plastic Free

Your children can use it for school. It is perfect for nuts, berries and the like. At the office you will have all eyes on you and the cute snack box. Campers and hikers love it for its natural materials. Of course, it is also great as storage container in the fridge or in general at home.

A privately owned company in Vietnam is producing the food container by hand with care. They use 100% natural materials for production: bamboo, rice powder and the resin of the mango tree. Our natural rubber bands are made in Germany.

One of nature’s most durable plant is Bamboo

It is very fast growing and one of the hardest wood types. Moreover, it is antibacterial by nature. Our bamboo is sourced near the local village. The next thing is that they cut into fine stripes which are glued back together later on after bringing it in the right shape. Because they are using only natural products the glue is a mixture of water and rice powder. For the finish it is carefully polished. That is closing all pores. That makes it water-resistant as well as dirt-repellent.

You Get

– one bamboo made snack box
– 2 natural rubber bands

Care Instructions

To clean the bamboo product first wipe it out, then wash it in warm water and with mild soap. Rinse it and wipe-dry with a soft cloth. Let it dry completely before you store it. Please avoid abrasive cleaner or tools. Because it is a 100 % natural product you should avoid very hot or very wet food. It is more suitable for salads, sandwiches and the like then soups. If you have the feeling the material is getting dry you can treat the bamboo product with flax seed oil, olive oil or any other vegetable oil in food-grade quality.
Not suitable for microwave or dish washer.

Additional Information

Name: Phora S
Measures: 11 x 11 x 6 cm
Weight: 105 g
Capacity: 200 ml
Material: Bamboo, rice powder, resin of the mango tree, natural rubber

Sustainability: 100% biodegradable, renewable materials
Origin: Vietnam

Name Derivation

Phora is the short form of Ecphora. It is an extinct marine bizarrely shaped gastropod mollusks.


Additional information

Weight0.105 g
Dimensions11 × 11 × 6 cm

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