COELO Enamel Mug POW

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Premium quality enamelware purely and proudly produced in Europe. Manufactured from heavyweight steel and thick enamel for extra durability.

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More than Durable

Our enamel mug started its journey in Europe. Designed with backpacks in mind, we made sure our enamel mug Coelo is hard wearing. This makes it unbelievable durable and long lasting. We are sure you will be amazed. We added a beautiful cream coating, a traditional blue rim and finally a star was born.

Enamelware is made with glass onto heavy-gauge steel, making it durable, and lightweight. Europe is known for its traditional enamelware. Our producer looks back on an over hundred twenty years tradition.

Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters (POW) is the leading voice of the outdoor sports community against climate change. The non-profit organisation is part of the global POW network. Together with its athletes, partners and members, POW is committed to protecting the environment and preserving the winter.

Additional Information

Name: Coelo Cream / Blue POW
Measures: 11,2 x 9 x 8 cm
Capacity: 350 ml
Weight: 160 g
Material: Heavy-gauge steel, enamel coating

Material properties: Scratch-resistant, nickel-free, durable, neutral in taste and odor, dishwasher-safe
Origin: EU (Romania)

Name Derivation

The name Coelo comes from Coelodonta (meaning “Hollow tooth”), more commonly known as the woolly rhino. It was a type of mammal that lived in Europe during the Ice Age.

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