DORO 2-Pack BBQ Grill Tool

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Swiss Made. You could not only spike your sausage or potato but even pinch it. That avoids the undesired loss of the food and you could turn it over the fire to get the best result.

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2 x BBQ Grill Fork Everything is better in Twos

That applies even to the BBQ Grill Fork. What can be better than sitting around a campfire with friends and dine? It is the perfect tool for reminiscing with friends and family while roasting bratwurst over an open fire. Simply attach our grill fork to a branch, it stays put through tension force. It’s thread on a stick through the holes in the middle. The thicker the stick, the more the middle piece of the BBQ grill tool must be bent.

Grill at your hearts desire with our lightweight BBQ grill fork Doro! Whether its vegetables, meat or bread, let your imagination run wild.

Celebrate your meal! German steel and Swiss precision work.
The stainless steel tool is rotation symmetric and remains stable while rotating.

Additional Information

Name: Doro
Measures: 2 x 166 x 61 x 1 mm
Weight: 2 x 21 g
Material: Stainless spring steel (Germany)

Origin: Switzerland
Design: Andrea Manchen


See here great information about How to Build a Campfire (OldGrowthOutdoors)

Name Derivation

The name Doro derived from Dorudon. Dorudon was a primitive whale that lived during the Eocene epoch 41 – 33 million years ago.


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