Mono White Snack Bowl

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100% Natural

You will be surprised how light and space saving this stakable coconut bowl is. This product is suitable for food. It is completely manufactured by hand. Because of the very natural and traditional lacquer it is not suitable for hot beverages.

This is a 100% natural product. Each bowl is unique because a coconut does not follow rules of form and weight and grows the way it want.

We get them from a small company from Vietnam, where they are polished and varnished the traditional way. The varnish is a pure natural product, which comes from the lacquer tree and is mixed with clay, ground rocks and wood flour. It takes up to 50 days to apply 20 layers of varnish.

Additional Information

Name: Mono White
Measures per bowl: about Ø 13.5cm / hight 5.5cm
Volume: about 0,45l
Weight per bowl: about 80g
Sustainability: Biodegradable, renewable resources
Origin: Vietnam
Design: Mother Nature

Care Instructions

Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave. This bowl is very sturdy but chemicals or rough treatment can wear off or scratch the varnish.

Name Derivation

The name Mono is derived from Ammonoidea. Ammonites were marine cephalopods.
The earliest Ammonites appear about 400 million years ago and the last species died out 66 million years ago.