Cutlery Set Hippus

CHF15.00 inc. Vat

Swiss Made. It prevents disposable cutlery by having it always by your side. Retract them after using and your luggage stays clean. Durable and leightweight.

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Lightweight Cutlery Set with Knife and Fork

Get knife and fork as cutlery set for one price and safe money. You will get a red knife and white fork. You can use this set for picnics, camping, and hiking. But also at office or school you will value it.

Both are extremely light. The knife weighs just 14 and the fork 12 g. The special hollow ground made in Solingen keeps the blade very sharp for a long time. For more safety the knife point is rounded. It is also a great peeling knife for home. Especially with children around retracting the blade after using makes the kitchen more secure for them.

Also just retract them after using and your luggage stays clean when your are on the move.

See also our other cutlery. Select your own set with your favorite color.

Tip – How to Cut with a Knife

Hold the knife and pull it back and towards steadily, with no downward motion at all. Especially for herbs it is important to cut them instead of crush them accidentally.

Tip – How to reduce the Trash we generate every day

See 9 really simple ways to reduce and prevent waste at Huffingtonpost. We really can recommend. You will be surprised how satisfying it is to do so for you and natures future. And besides this it can save money. Just little changes can make a huge difference, right?

Additional Information

Name: Hippus Set
Measures handle: 9.5 x 1.8 x 0.6 cm
Weight fork: 12 g
Weight knife 14 g
Material: PCTG, stainless spring steel (Germany)
Plastic properties: BPA-free, food-safe, recyclable
Colors: Red transparent knife and white transparent fork
Origin: Switzerland

Name Derivation

The name Hippus derived from Allohippus Stenonis. It is an extinct genus of zebra-like horse that lived during Pleistocene.

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