Monyi A Organic Mesh Bag (Set)

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Set of 3 assorted sized (18.5 x 25 cm / 22.5 x 30 cm / 26.5 x 35 cm) organic cotton mesh bags for groceries or organizing your travel bag.

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Organic Cotton Mesh Bag for Fruits and Vegetables

The cotton mesh bag for fruits and vegetables is a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and is great for shopping your groceries. It is a great feeling to use them instead of the common plastic bags, which are immediately thrown away at home. You can put them directly in the refrigerator because they are breathable. Moreover their minimum of weight make them just ideal to use them for organizing your backpack. Store for example your socks or shoes in it. This set includes 3 nets of assorted sizes, one of each size.

Care Instractions

Wash the cotton mesh bag on 30°C. Hang dry. The natural material of the nets can shrink about 10% from the original size.

Additional Information

Name: Monyi A
Material: organic cotton
Weight: about 17 g / 19 g  / 21 g
Measures: 18.5 x 25 cm / 22.5 x 30 cm / 26.5 x 35 cm
Sustainability: Recyclable, biodegradeable

Name Derivation

Meganeura Monyi is an extinct insect from the Carboniferous period, which is a giant dragonfly and. With wingspans from 65 cm (25.6 in) to over 70 cm (28 in) it is one of the largest-known flying insect species.