Hand-forged knives and pocket knives

We will have hand-forged knives brand new in our range. It is a collaboration between Swiss Advance and Feuer & Stahl. The knives are of course forged in Switzerland and will only be available on our website. As soon as they go online there will be one piece of each variety. All others are made on request. We will let you know as soon as they are in the shop. Simply subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date 👇

Behind Feuer & Stahl is Ueli Zahner, a passionate knife maker from the beautiful canton of Obwalden: "Whether in the workshop or outside in nature, the knife is my most important companion. I could live without a cell phone and a computer, but I would never be without a knife. From the beginning of mankind, the knife was the most important and versatile tool of Homo sapiens. And to this day it has lost none of its importance and fascination. "

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