Alpine hut in Habkern

Swiss Advance alpine hut in Habkern

Combine a great vacation in nature with the feeling of having done something good. The proceeds from the Swiss Advance Alphütte flow directly into the foundation Green Advance for more biodiversity.

Swiss alpine chalet

For those who are interested in nature, the fun already starts in the garden!

The alpine hut and garden were set up and designed in such a way that we can show our guests important values such as closeness to nature and a conscious experience of nature in our own way. If you stalk through the garden with open eyes, you will discover many small but absolutely fantastic things.

We are trying to rebuild a small biodiversity oasis with the originally typical plants and insects. We are absolutely amazed how quickly nature has already developed in the garden. Within two years we have been able to observe an impressive number of new insect species.

dragon fly

What does an overnight stay cost?

Green Advance is a foundation that is financed through donations. We would like to do the same for the Swiss Advance alpine hut. Donate to Green Advance what your stay in Habkern is worth to you. The prices of a SAC hut could serve as a guide. An overnight stay there costs from 25.00 CHF per person.

How can I reserve the alpine hut?

Go to the Green Advance page and mark your desired days. You can also make an inquiry using the contact form. You will also find many more information about the hut:

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