Spices for everyone with the ARCTO spice shaker

Spices for everyone with the ARCTO spice shaker

If you are looking for a spice shaker for on the go or for your lunch box, our Arcto is the perfect choice!

It is small, handy and compact. Humidity cannot penetrate the splash-proof closures, and so the spices stay fresh and dry at all times. It is of course refillable and can be filled with different spices.

We often hear that in Switzerland it is filled with "Aromat", Switzerland's most beloved spice, and pepper. But some people like it hot and fill it with smoked chilli powder or Szechuan pepper to give their dishes that extra kick.

For coffee lovers who like to fine-tune their coffee but don't necessarily always want to buy a takeaway, it's worth filling the Arcto with cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cardamom or vanilla. A few sprinkles on the café latte and you have a delicious coffee, just like the one you would get in your favourite coffee shop. Of course, the spices have to be ground so that you can sprinkle them. A must-have for anyone who loves to travel or for the foodie in life!

What makes the ARCTO a quality product?

Our Arcto spice shaker is manufactured with inimitable precision from 14 individual parts in Switzerland and assembled by hand. The design of the shaker is just as high-quality as the product itself. The material is also used in the medical sector because it is popular due to its break resistance.

Thanks to its splash-proof closures, you can transport salt and pepper, spices or even sweeteners to the most remote corners of the world. It is an ideal companion for camping and hiking. Solid material and good design ensure carefree enjoyment without clumping or dirt.

And did you know?

The caps of the two spice compartments are shaped differently. This is to ensure that you can see in the dark by touching the caps with your fingers which contents are inside. The caps are beveled and if you look closely, you can see that the bevels are of different lengths.

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