Why we need to stop Food Waste?

food waste

Food waste is not only wasteful but also bad for our environment

Food waste is food that has been produced for human consumption, but which has either been discarded for optical reasons or for other reasons, or spoiled and can no longer be eaten. Around 1/3 of food is wasted and thrown away in Switzerland. This not only generates a lot of costs, but also wastes valuable resources such as water and soil and produces unnecessary CO2.

Around 225,000 tonnes of food are lost each year in agriculture. Mostly in the form of crop residues or crop boards. With some technical and organizational measures it might be possible to avoid around 90 percent of agricultural food waste. Around 1 million tons of food waste are generated by Swiss households every year. That could be cut in half. But the appreciation of food is too low. There is often a lack of knowledge about the shelf life and correct storage of food, as well as creative ideas for recycling leftovers.

For more information please have a look at foodwaste.ch! It is a non-profit organization which fights against food waste and provides a lot of valuable information about it.

Food Waste - What is food waste - info graphic by foodwaste.ch

 Infographic by foodwaste.ch

To Good to Go

We are partner of To Good To Go.

"Based on shelf life data, 10% of the 88 million tons of food in Europe (with a value of 3 to 6 billion euros) are lost or wasted along the value chain" (WRAP, 2015).

This should be counteracted with the inscription on food "Often good for longer". Use your senses for the quality check: look, smell and taste. In this way, we as consumers can make our contribution to avoiding food waste.

Although salt and herbs are not getting bad, they can spoil if stored incorrectly. As they are a type of food, an expiration date must be set. This affects our salt and pepper shaker ARCTO and our spice mixture HERBOLUX Fire Spices. As of recently, we are now also writing "Often good for longer" to make you aware that an expiration date does not mean that the product is bad afterwards.

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