You don't have to go Zero Waste to reduce your waste

reduce reuse recycle

Here are a few things you can do to reduce your waste without going full-on zero waste

(Though we would love to see the Zero Waste community growing).

Our Mantra is:

  • Buy less. Ask yourself: Do I need this? Does it have to be new?
  • Extend the lifecycle: recycle, upcycle, give it a new life or owner
  • Choose plastic-free products, choose compostable products
  • Go paperless with your bank, bills, contracts
  • Walk, cycle or use public transport

And here are very easy but important steps you can implement in your life:

  • Use soap and shampoo bars: these days the quality of soap and shampoo bars are exceptionally good. They will reduce your waste and save you some money.
  • Don't buy wrapping paper for gifts. Just reuse old paper, newspaper or drawings to wrap your gifts. The traditional Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping technique is beautiful and ecological friendly too.

  • Shop loose vegetables and fruits on local markets and try to avoid plastic-wrapped items in supermarkets.

  • Bring your own bags to shop. Our mesh bags are a great replacement for paper or plastic bags for your fruit and veg shop.

  • Don't throw your old clothes away. Make your own beeswax wrapping cloth with them, use them as cleaning cloths or if they are just stained, tye-dye them and give them a new life.

  • Go thrift shopping and bring your unwanted clothes to a thrift shop too. We like what these guys are doing: Circularwear. Why don't you organise your own swap party with friends?

  • Did you gain weight and think your Jeans and pants are too tight? Worry no more! Get or make some waist extenders and keep wearing your favourite pair of jeans!

  • Regrow your own vegetables. You can literally regrow any kind of fruit and veg. For example: cut the bottom bit of your celery off and put the stems into a bowl of water until it starts sprouting again, then plant it in a pot and watch it grow back into a beautiful plant.

  • Use metal or bamboo straws if you really need to. Just keep them in your bag for your next cocktail order.

It is fairly easy to make a small impact. But the greatest impact you could make would be to educate your friends, parents and children about waste reduction.


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