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Salt and pepper shaker ARCTO - Swiss Advance

Our salt and pepper shaker ARCTO is a classic - it suits every ocasion. 

It is a versatile product - not only stylish with any tableware, but also robust and handy that it can withstand all outdoor activities.

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Salt and pepper shaker ARCTO - Swiss Advance
What makes our ARCTO so special?
The concept of our products in general are sustainable, practical and light.
But ARCTO is also a product that's fun to hold - much like a ZIPPO lighter, the lid can be opened with one hand and closed with a satisfying clicking sound that lets you know the shaker is now clearly closed - waterproof tight. 

Also, did you know that ARCTO also works in the dark?
 Thanks to the different angle of the lid, the two openings can be clearly distinguished.



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