Founder Peter Meyer

Swiss Advance founder Peter Meyer

Peters life's task is to bring people closer to nature. That's why he started his company Swiss Advance and has now started the foundation Green Advance. The foundation promotes biodiversity and personal responsibility. Its first project is the FuturePlanter.

When he founded Swiss Advance there was a time when all productions suddenly moved to China. "Swissmade" was not trendy. He thought to himself "If I want to bring people closer to nature with my products, then I can not have my products being produced in China and use long routes, contributing to air pollution, packaging and plastic waste. That would not correspond with my values". So he decided to exclusively produce his products in Switzerland and only take non Swiss products in if they have any social or environmental value. 

Peter spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, minimal equipped and without food. This has sharpened his knowledge of what one really needs in terms of tools and what you can eat in the wild.

His paraglider and apnea diving goggles are often packed for his trips to change perspective in the air and under water. "This promotes biodiversity in my brain."