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Swiss Advance - About us - hand touches leaves

Today's advance means focusing on the original and the natural.

Back to the roots may be a good progress to protect our environment, so we want to follow that path.

Since the founding of Swiss Advance in 2000, we have been producing our products in sustainable production, mainly in Switzerland. Every year, we use 1% of our turnover to counteract the climate change. In the year 2019 we started up the foundation Green Advance for the conservation of biodiversity.

It all started with the Arcto travel spice container. The former designer simply packed his spices in old film cans when traveling. The cans opened in his backpack and emptied their contents not only once. The moisture-resistant salt and pepper shaker emerged from this problem. Over the years, many more practical outdoor gadgets have been added, which of course are mainly produced in Switzerland.

We develop unique products for the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and design aesthetes. Each item has a timeless form, is lightweight and hand finished. We exclusively use premium recyclable materials for a lifetime of use. Durable Swiss quality with unparalleled functionality.

The Swiss Advance core team combines the love of nature. Peter has shaped and exemplified this sustainable philosophy since the brand was founded in 2000. Peter is our visionary, creator of ideas, workplace Switzerland sponsor and contact person for business customers; from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. He loves to cultivate traditions in product development and refines them with innovations.