Concept Product – CRONO N79

Concept Product – CRONO N79

Gold is timeless ...

What do you think of a pocket knife that is equipped with a bar of gold coins? Gold is a timeless and valuable material. It is basically a means of payment that is recognized the same everywhere. Of course, it is not legal tender and must be exchanged for the appropriate currency.

Gold is considered a currency in crisis. It is considered a safe investment in uncertain times. But gold has another advantage. In contrast to financial products, physical gold is - in the truest sense - tangible.

The gold value is subject to strong fluctuations. Therefore, of course, you shouldn't convert your entire fortune into gold. Since gold never becomes worthless despite fluctuations, it is still a good thing and also has an emotional character.


gold coins

Would you use a knife with which you can break off the gold coins in order to exchange them for money? Gold coins have a long tradition. In many cultures gold in the form of gold jewelry or gold coins is an important part of the dowry, in others a traditional gift as start-up capital for the common household and as a nest egg for bad times.

The probably oldest gold coin in the world is said to have been minted under Lydian king Croesus. His name is still used today as a reference for wealth and prosperity. Croesus ruled from the year 555 BC at the latest. BC to 541 BC Christ over Lydia, located in today's Turkey, and is considered the inventor of gold coins made of pure gold.

pocket knife with gold coins
crono pocket knife gold
pocket knife with gold coins

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