Cotton mesh bags are multifunctional

Cotton mesh bags are multifunctional

Cotton mesh bags are now everywhere and not just practical for shopping for fruit and vegetables

When you stand at the fruit and vegetable counter, you can buy them right away. You save on the typical plastic bags that would end up in the trash can at home anyway. Most are made of a plastic fabric, possibly made from recycled PET bottles. But some are also made of cotton or other natural materials. These are definitely my favourites.

Multi purpose organic cotton mesh bags:

  • for fruits and vegetables
  • for food storage
  • for cooking
  • for organising your backpack
  • for washing your delicate laundry

Using it for fruits and vegetables

Net bags are particularly suitable for fruit and vegetable purchases. They are washable and reusable and are therefore an easy-care and environmentally friendly alternative to common disposable plastic bags. The mesh bag can be used again for every purchase. This avoids plastic waste every time. You can see the contents through the mesh fabric and the bag does not have to be opened at the checkout. Since the mesh bags are breathable, they can be placed directly in the refrigerator together with the purchased contents.

Using it for food storage

Some foods should not be kept in the fridge. These include, for example, tomatoes, onions, garlic and citrus fruits. They can be easily stored in the mesh bags. Since the bags have a drawstring, you can then simply hang the bags on hooks in the kitchen or pantry.

Using it for cooking

Mesh bags for cooking are really practical and can be used in many ways. For example, if you want to skin tomatoes, they must first be briefly quenched in hot water and then in cold water. Of course, this is much easier if the tomatoes are in a net and not all tomatoes have to be treated individually. The blanching of vegetables is also generally quick and easy with a mesh bag. But they are also suitable for cooking a clear broth, as you simply cook the vegetables and herbs in the mesh bag and then take it all out when it is ready.

For organising your backpack

I also find mesh bags very important to organise a backpack for a trip. Not every bag has numerous inside pockets. It takes a lot of time and nerves if you are constantly looking for the small parts. That's why I always use different bags to sort everything that would otherwise get mixed up. Here, too, it is of course an advantage that you can see the contents through the fabric and do not have to open every bag.

For washing your delicate laundry

The mesh bags can also be used as a standard laundry net. Sensitive and valuable items of laundry such as lingerie, blouses or shirts can be washed safely and gently with it. Because of the movement in the washing machine and the constant contact with other clothes and the washing drum, your clothes are exposed to constant friction. This friction is particularly damaging to delicate clothing and, in the worst case, can lead to damage.

Why choose organic cotton

Industrial cotton farming uses genetically modified seeds, uses vast amounts of pesticides and only harvests after the plantations have been chemically defoliated. This risk does not exist with organic cotton, since no chemicals are used during cultivation. Organic cotton causes almost 50 percent less CO2 than conventional cotton. This is because no fertilisers and pesticides are used. Less mechanised cultivation methods are also used.

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