We have new enamel products in our range!

We have new enamel products in our range!

Our enamel with its simple design fits timelessly in every kitchen!

As well as it fits in every outdoor equipment - barbecue, picnic and camping... The season is open! 

Now new in our range: espresso mug - also suitable as children’s mug , dessert or children's plate and the cereal bowl made of enamel!

Enamel tableware - formerly tableware of the poor - today popular must-have products.

What makes enamel so popular?

The golden age of enamel was around 1900, but the nostalgic material is now enjoying increasing popularity. The trend is towards retro, eco-friendly and minimalist decor.

Enamel is super practical:
It is lighter than normal ceramic tableware and can withstand direct heat of up to 400°C. Thanks to the smooth glass-like and non-porous surface, it is very hygienic, easy to clean and antibacterial.

And attention - enamel is even cut and scratch-resistant and if something falls to the ground, it usually only affects the outer surface and can be used without hesitation. Of course, this also makes it suitable for children. Which tableware can keep up with that?

Enamel is practically indestructible and a long-lasting companion - an investment that really pays off! Also the environmental thought behind it makes you happy: It is made from natural raw materials, it is a good alternative to BBQ disposable tableware due to its heat resistance and can be one day recycled as scrap metal.

Enamel is nostalgic:
Due to the durability of enamel, many still have products from their grandparents or from the family collection at home. Enamel always has a touch of nostalgia and history. That's why even scratches on an enamel mug have their very own charm and make the product even more unique.


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