Corporate Gifts & Co-Branding

Personalize the Swiss Advance products

Good corporate gifts set you apart from your competitors, bind your business partners closer to you and your employees feel valued and motivated.

Corporate gifts with a logo are visible, because printed promotional items transport your logo to a large target group. If the product has a function, it is integrated into the everyday life of the target group, together with the applied logo. Not only the user himself will perceive the product, but also friends and relatives. In this way your brand is permanently present.

Swiss made is a guarantee for sustainability. Short transport routes, environmentally friendly use of resources, fair working conditions and a long product life are just a few of the key points.

How do we personalize our products

We print our products in one or two colors using the pad printing process. We engrave our stainless steel products. We also offer laser engraving. We would be happy to make you visualizations to show how your logo could look on one of our products. Talk to us and we will be happy to advise you and make you an offer. We are looking forward to your contact.
Anea Bogner

Corporate gift

corporate gift engravingSupreme pocket knife red by Swiss AdvanceSupreme pocket knife black