Barbecue season is on its way! Yay!

Doro grill fork - Barbecue season is on its way

The days are starting to look much brighter, the sun is out more and shines stronger every day

We have a feeling that spring might be coming early this year. But with the current pandemic going on and most places still in lockdown, people will prefer to meet outdoors. Even if restrictions will be eased, we believe that this will be a trend that will be going strong for a long while. But here is the good news: what would be better than meeting your social bubble for a nice barbecue outdoors? Nothing! It is safe, it is sociable, it is perfect. In Switzerland, the cantons provide public barbecue spots, where you can safely start a fire after a nice long hike, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes in the world. To find the best spots you can use this helpful website

All you need to bring is ...

... Your friends, food, and drinks. And because a hike in the mountains can be tough, after months of moving from the sofa to the kitchen only, we recommend you pack light. How about bringing some extra fun to your barbecue with our grill fork Doro? Simply attach the BBQ tool to a branch. The fork then stays in place through its tension force and you can spike or pinch your vegetables or sausages on it. So fun! Have a look at our Doro grill fork and our other BBQ tools here.

You need to know

For open fire barbecues outdoors, please check the open-fire regulations in your region. And for Germany, you can find public barbecue spots here:

Also! We are giving away 10 x a set of 2 DORO grill forks:

Send us a photo of your last barbecue in the great outdoors and the 10 most beautiful pictures will be selected and presented on our website. The winners will be announced on April 2nd. Please email your photos to andrea(at)