Take part and win 1 of 3 multifunktional picnic blankets

Take part and win 1 of 3 multifunktional picnic blankets

WIN a multifunctional high-quality and handmade picnic blanket

All you have to do is go to the website of Win4Win, type in your name and email address and participate. With luck you will win one of our very special and swiss made picnic blankets.
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Our handmade picnic blanket consists of high-quality cotton. It is made of two layers and is free of synthetic materials. The bottom layer is made of Scottish waxed cotton canvas, which is water-repellent and insulating. As a result, the moisture of the soil or the meadow cannot get through the picnic blanket.

The top layer consists of a soft organic cotton fleece and therefore offers additional comfort. No synthetic components are added to the material, which means that there is no static charge. The fluffy, cuddly soft fleece is absorbent, breathable and easy to care for. The brass eyelets and the push buttons create many options to use it for example as a tarp.

Use it as a simple sleeping bag by closing the push buttons lengthways. You can also close two buttons at both ends and make a kind of poncho that keeps you cozy and warm in the evenings around a campfire. Or just use the blanket on the sofa at home on cold days.

We also add 19 m of hemp rope, which is made in a Swiss rope factory. In total there are 5 pieces of rope: 1 x 6 meters (236.2 in) and 4 x 3 meters (118.1 in). On each corner of the blanket is a brass eyelet. Together with the rope you can easily make a shade sail between trees or you can create a windbreak.

The Production

The blanket is made in Switzerland in a small social institution. Our multi-purpose picnic blanket is almost exclusively made by hand in a sewing school (Nähwerk IDM) in Switzerland. Of course, they also work with sewing machines ... At IDM the olive green canvas and the grey cotton fleece are cut and sewn. The blanket is embroidered with our logo in bright red. Of course, a red line should not be missing to pay tribute to the Swiss army blanket. However, it is a fine, reduced, red stitching. Our eyelets and snaps are made in Switzerland and attached to the picnic blanket at IDM.

The design is a tribute to …

The design and idea for this picnic blanket is a tribute to the well-known Swiss army blanket. Whether in a grey-brown or grey-green basic tone - it is always decorated with a bright red bar that is embroidered with a white cross. It has not been produced in Switzerland for almost 20 years and the production facilities have been closed. The production has now moved to Italy. The Zelttuch 64, a tarp used by the Swiss army and scouts, also inspired us. Unfortunately, the production of Zelttuch 64 in Switzerland was also discontinued. 

Inspiration picnic blanket

Product Details

Dimensions: 144 x 200 cm / 56.7 x 78.74 in
Weight: 1550 g / 54.67 oz
Material: Waxed cotton canvas (Scotland), organic cotton fleece (Germany), brass buttons and brass eyelets (Switzerland), hemp rope 6 mm (Switzerland) / 5 pieces of hemp rope: 1 x 6 meters (236.2 in) and 4 x 3 meters (118.1 in)
Origin: Designed, sewn and processed in Switzerland