Win a CRONO N5 pocket knives

Crono N5 swiss pocket knife

Take part and win 1 of 30 CRONO N5 pocket knifes

Win a compact multi-tool pocket knife that is not only made in Switzerland, but is also assembled by hand.

It is a useful companion that can be quickly stowed in the pocket, handbag, backpack or suitcase. The self-locking mechanism enables easy operation. It's a closed mechanism. Sand and dust cannot penetrate and thus block the knife.

The pocket knife CRONO N5 is an extremely light and sustainable Swiss multitool. Produced in Switzerland, we keep the transport routes short. Everything can be disassembled for recycling. Metal is a great material because it can be recycled forever.

All you have to do is go to the website of Win4Win, type in your name and email address and participate. With luck you will win one of these practival pocket knives. (Ends at 31.10.2021)


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