A different kind of Christmas 2020

A different kind of Christmas 2020

Everyone around the world has been affected by the Covid pandemic. Some countries allow celebrations, others do not. Many people do not even live near their families and are - often alone - stuck in their respective countries. They will have to celebrate Christmas alone because of quarantine regulations, flight cancellations and the obvious risk taken when socialising or travelling.

Modern technologies like Zoom and Skype, live video calls and chats will hopefully help easing this loneliness. Many people have been locked up inside their homes for months and rely on technology for almost everything. They long for social contacts, eating out or travelling. They want to get away from their screen already. Netflix and chill is nice on a cozy Sunday evening, but not every day. If you count to the lucky ones, you were able to keep your job and are now working from home. Our screen time has increased from 2 - 3 hours a day to probably 10 hours a day. It is exhausting. Especially mentally.

That is why I have come up with a special gift this year. I will be taking my family on a virtual holiday trip. I set up Powerpoint presentations with pictures: I booked flights, selected the most beautiful hotels and planned fun activities. Money doesn't matter because this trip takes place virtually. I will also give themed gifts to each trip. My brother for example will receive a hiking trip to Switzerland. For this trip I planned going by train because it is environmentally friendly. We will spend the night in a pod house in Atzmännig. Here we will do a night climbing activity with 8 parcours at a height of 16 m.

The following day we will do a ridge and circular hike from the chairlift mountain station to Chrüzegg. We will have a lunch barbecue at the Tweralpspitz fireplace. He will also receive a gift package from me from Swiss Advance. This includes our Crono N5 leather and a Doro grill tool and a Rex vegetable peeler. Absolute evergreens - everyone likes them.

He will receive the gifts in real life and I will wrap them into our lunch box Phora, add some homemade biscuits and a Christmas card. But the trip itself will have to be postponed until it will be safe again to travel. In the meanwhile he will be able to use his gifts at home and can look forward to better times and dream about future upcoming trips.

If you like this idea, why don't you plan a trip in advance as well?

We wish you a peaceful Christmas saison!
Your Swiss Advance team

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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