My favorite hiking trail to Lagh da Saoseo

My favorite hiking trail Lago di Saosao

One of My favorite hiking trails is the one to the Lagh da Saoseo

The beautiful Lagh da Saoseo is a lake in the Val da Camp, a valley in the Poschiavo region of the Grisons, Switzerland. It is famous for its deep blue water. The lake is considered the most beautiful lake of Grisons. It is a very nice but also easy hiking trail to the lake. During summer you will meet a lot of Swiss cows up there. On the way there you will pass many fountains where you can fill up your water bottle with cold and super fresh mountain water.

Once at the lake you can enjoy the epic view of the lake and the surrounding area invites you to a picnic. The circular hike goes from Sfazù, on the Bernina pass road, to Rifugio Saoseo, to Lago di Saoseo and back again.

Lago da Saoseo hiking and nature

Surrounded by a dense spruce forest, it is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, not only because of its location, but also because of its blue shimmering water. Even in midsummer, the water of the lake does not get particularly warm. But that doesn't stop the brave from going for a swim in the lake.

There are also some legends about the lake. One is about a princess and a rock spirit. The princess went in search of the ghost. Only if she found him would she be able to marry her prince. She waited patiently on the bank of the lake. At last she discovered the spirit in a rock that was reflected in the water. The princess picked some blue flowers and threw them to the ghost. The flowers landed in the water and then colored the Lagh da Saoseo blue. It is said that this is why it still has its beautiful color today.

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