We have exciting news about the CRONO pocket knife!

Swiss Advance pocket knife green

Now in Color...

Due to your great feedback of the Crono pocket knife we can happily announce that our Crono N3 and N5 will get an optional upgrade. But it gets even better: we can now offer two additional new colours for both knives: green and red!

The functionality and technical specs all stay the same, nothing to worry there. If you are still looking for a stylish gift this could be a good one. It is an extremely light Swiss multi tool pocket knife. Quickly stowed in your pocket, handbag, backpack or suitcase. The self-locking mechanism allows an easy operation. It is a closed mechanism. Sand and dust cannot enter and thus do not block the knife. Produced in Switzerland we keep the transport routes short.

Swiss Advance Crono N5 pocket knife Red

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